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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mysterious movement

Tucker:  The Human Assistant is a blog hog. My turn!

I think Jaeger-yegger is going to get in trouble. Puppy too, maybe. Woo-woo woo-woo wooooo wooooo! Look at those two. Think they're cute together.

A few days ago H.A. went in the living room and found the couch moved away from the wall. And dog poops there. He thought puppy had pooped and his son had moved the couch so H.A. would see it and clean it up.

Which he did, of course. We have him well trained for that.

Why would puppy poop behind the couch? She's not housetrained very well. Also, I lie down and spread out in the kitchen. Jaeger and puppy are afraid to walk past me. ::big Husky grin:: So they won't go out the back door unless H.A. is there.

Friday when he got up he found the same thing. But the couch had been swung out and then pushed along six feet. H.A. was confused. His son left on Monday. Son's work day starts at 5:00 a.m. Did he come to the house early in the morning and not say hi?

H.A. called his son. No, he didn't move the couch on Friday. Didn't move it the other time, either. H.A. was even more confused.

It wasn't me. I go outside whenever I want. It probably wasn't granny Gremlin. Four years ago she was strong and bent her wire crate to get out. But now she doesn't have confidence in her back legs. H.A. gives her boosts to go up stairs and jump on the bed or in the car.

Puppy isn't big enough. Never will be. She's some kind of little dog. So that leaves....

The Human Assistant went out to supper last night. When he got home he saw a cardboard box knocked to the floor. Somedoggy had also torn off pieces of cardboard.

Okay, I like to do that. So does puppy. And that's why H.A. puts us in crates when he leaves. Gremlin only eats the covers from old books. Well, mostly. And she hasn't done that in a while. So that leaves....

Also, some books were knocked off a chair onto the floor. Well, I tear them apart when I do that. Then puppy chews the pieces. But where were we? In crates! And they were new books. So that leaves....

Also, somedoggy knocked over the clothes drying rack in H.A.'s bedroom. That he was using to keep us away from a box of stuffed toys. He thinks the rack fell on that bad dog and they left without getting into the box. Good thing because I am King of the Stuffies!

And Gremlin knows this. And puppy and I were in crates. Sooooo...!

So why would puppy be in trouble too? H.A. thinks there was more than one set of poops behind the couch that first time. And there are two dogs who won't go past me to get outside. Sooooo...!

Can't you see them plotting something together?


Holly said...

Well, at least you have an alibi!! Nice to know you won't be blamed for something you didn't do. But you should let them pass to go outside so they don't poo in the house!


Tucker said...

It happened again this morning. The Human Assistant is frustrated. He should get up earlier so it doesn't happen! And so he can feed us earlier, too!