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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

... You can pick your pets ...

Tucker:  Everydoggy knows this human joke, right?
  • You can pick your nose;
  • You can pick your pets;
  • But you can't pick your pet's nose
Back when I had a new monia the Human Assistant wiped my nose a lot. And the walls. He says I had a ferocious sneeze. And a couple of times I wiped my nose on his jeans.



A family can keep their pet sheep. Montana? California. They live in Dixon with 16,000 other people.

"[N]eighbors in the area have complained about a strong odor coming from the Angelmans’ property."

No ... ummm ... kidding, Sherlock!

"I think we need to do whatever we need to make [the sheep] stay, but please don’t get another sheep,” said Vice Mayor Michael Smith." (I had Human Assistant add the emphasis. It was a nice thing for the man to say.)

A pet camel may have killed a woman. Egypt? Australia.

In one article the police shrug and say maybe. We'll see what the autopsy says. In another article they say probably, "in what police suspect was mating behavior."

This was a month ago. Human Assistant says he hasn't found an article about what the autopsy found.

A week ago a woman found a pet zebra in her driveway. Africa? Oklahoma.

The newspaper story has better pictures. The itchmo re-write has the story's end. The owner said that "he doesn’t know he’s a zebra."

Maybe he thinks he's a Siberian Husky. That could explain why he was wandering. Remember:
  • Always hold onto your Zebrarian Husky's leash!
  • Your Zebrarian Husky must not be able to jump over your fence!
  • Your Zebrarian Husky must not be able to dig under your fence!
  • For Zebrarians: don't leave "a big tongue lick imprint" on the cat's bowl!
  • Also, get lots of treats! It helps for remembering where home is.
Time for me to have some treats! Oh Human Assistant...!

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The Army of Four said...

Oooh, my mom wants a zebrarian! I think it would take up WAY too much room in the bed, though. There are enough of us black and whites here already!