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Monday, September 17, 2007

Mystique is still here

Tucker:  You went to the shelter today.
mr_ed:  Yes, mostly to see if there was an application to adopt Mystique. We met Zeus and his mom last Monday, and I really thought they'd apply right away.
Tucker:  Wouldn't you have heard?
mr_ed:  I think so. And there wasn't an application, and nobody could remember one coming in.
Tucker:  Oh, rats.
Mystique trying to play with Tucker mr_ed:  Well ... I got email on Friday from someone else who's interested. MaxFund only takes one application at a time, so tonight I went ahead and answered the email and told her more about Mystique and told her where to find the dogster page.
Tucker:  So maybe something will happen there.
mr_ed:  Yeah, I got an answer right away, actually. We're going to meet in the evening.
Tucker:  That's good.
mr_ed:  Well, shoot. Mystique and Zeus got along together so well.
Tucker:  Is Zeus as big as Jaeger?
mr_ed:  No, almost the same as Mystique. A little shorter, but rounder. If Mystique lost a couple of pounds, which she should do, they'd be the same weight.
Tucker:  Maybe this new person has a dog and just didn't mention it.
mr_ed:  ::sigh::  I hope so. But!
Tucker:  Yes?
mr_ed:  I also got a second email asking about Mystique tonight. They wanted to know the dogster address.
Tucker:  So that's ... ummm ... three chances for her right now.
mr_ed:  Yeah.
Tucker:  What's wrong? She'll be happier somewhere else. So will the carpet.
mr_ed:  I s'pose. Though I think Gremlin is peeing inside, too.
Tucker:  She shut herself in the bathroom today.  Woowoowoo!
mr_ed:  Yeah, poor old gal. I think the thunder was bothering her.
Tucker:  So she meant to do it?
mr_ed:  No, I'm sure she didn't.
Tucker:  I think you need to sleep.
mr_ed:  I guess.
Tucker:  Right after treats!
mr_ed:  I guess.
Tucker:  Did you get more turkey?
mr_ed:  How about ants? Would you like those for a treat?
Tucker:  I would not, could not, in the rain.
Not in the dark. Not on a train.
mr_ed:  All right, turkey it is, then.
Tucker:  Woowoo!


The Army of Four said...

Mmmmm... I would like some turkey, please!

Minky said...

I would too, unless you're in some kind of key rut!

Tucker said...

Good one, your Minkiness!

IndyPindy said...

Tucker, you are very handsome, a dark red and white just like me!

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Oh... Turkey! Can we have a Turkey party???

The Army of Four said...

Hey Tucker! About the whole "what veeee-hicle are you" thing ... shouldn't your obvious choice be the Tucker
? I mean ... it was innovative, stylish, and REALLY cool! Think about it!
Play bows,

PS: Am says to tell you "ha roo!"