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Saturday, September 15, 2007


Tucker:  She ribs, an' I yuk.

Tucker:  Hey! I didn't say to write that! What does it mean?
mr_ed:  That's an anagram for "Siberian Husky" !
Tucker:  That's Anna's grandmother?
mr_ed:  An anagram is when you take the letters that spell one thing and make them spell something else.
Tucker:  Okay, you spelled something. What does it mean?
mr_ed:  That's what you say when that cutie Amber tells a joke and you laugh.
Tucker:  I do not say that. And I don't yuk.
mr_ed:  But Amber's a cutie?
Tucker:  Those words are hard to read. Is it proper Human?
mr_ed:  It's clunky. I'm sure there are better ones.
Tucker:  Do those!
mr_ed:  I'd like to see what other Sibes (and their people) come up with.
Tucker:  How do you do it?
mr_ed:  You can just try things out and see what you come up with. There are about a billion and a half permutations, but of course most of them won't make sense in human languages.
Tucker:  Is a permatation related to permafrost?
mr_ed:  I don't think so.
Tucker:  How much is a billion and a half?
mr_ed:  More than we could count on all the toes of all the doggies who have lived here!
Tucker:  That's too many. Is there another way?
mr_ed:  Sure, you can try a computer program like the Internet Anagram Server. The program narrows things down to just English words.
Tucker:  Does it work?
mr_ed:  It helps. Some of the words are a little strange.
Tucker:  Do "Human Assistant"!
mr_ed:  That one seems easier, but the Internet Anagram Server comes up with words that I'm not going to use here.
Tucker:  Like what?
mr_ed:  ::scowl::
Tucker:  Oh.
mr_ed:  Okay, you know how I give you guys little pieces of sliced turkey for treats?
Tucker:  Yeah.
mr_ed:  You could live on that, couldn't you?
Tucker:  If you gave us enough. Which would be lots more.
mr_ed:  Okay, so how about this anagram of "Human Assistant": Ham sustains ant.
Tucker:  It must be hard to get ones that normal people would actually say.
mr_ed:  You don't like that one?
Tucker:  It's better than "I yuk." But no.
mr_ed:  How about Assist a manhunt?
Tucker:  Better.
mr_ed:  Aha! Instant sums!
Tucker:  Time for treats and bed.
mr_ed:  I gave all the turkey to the ant. Is peanut butter okay?
Tucker:  There is no ant.
mr_ed:  There is no turkey, either. You turkeys gobbled it up, and I haven't been to the store.
Tucker:  Peanut butter will be just fine, thank you.
mr_ed:  Okey doke!
Tucker:  Woowoo!


The Army of Four said...

I'm going to invent my own word thingy called an "Amagram". It's rearranging the letters to make something funny. I haven't quite figured it out yet!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

You're too smart for me. I can't think of any!!