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Sunday, September 9, 2007


Tucker:  Have anydoggy's people taken this quiz to see what breed they are? (When you get there, click GAME on the left side.) The Human Assistant is an Alaskan Malamute! Like Holly!  ::big husky grin::   Except for that, it sounds like people are getting uncommon breeds. But Mal-Mals may not be common in England. Where the movie is.

Movie? Yes. A man dies and comes back as a dog. No, it's not a remake of The Shaggy Dog (1959, Fred MacMurry), The Shaggy D.A. (1976, Dean Jones), or The Shaggy Dog (2006, Tim Allen). Maybe not, anyway.


The H.A. saw Minky's Mom on Saturday. But he didn't tell her what he was supposed to: "Don't take my answers to the letter game!" I think it makes an ill eagle or something. Maybe she could just change the celebrity to Tiny Tim and be okay.


Amber said I'm cerebral. I asked the Human Assistant what that meant. He said it means that I have three heads. And he showed me this picture.

Hercules capturing Cerberus

But I saw that he didn't spell cerebral right. So I told him to try again. Then he said it means I'm a stinker.

He showed me this picture of a statue. A man giving his chin a knuckle massage. I don't know why he stinks. Maybe it's the sculptor who stinks. Maybe H.A. was just lisping; I think he meant "thinker."

See, he demands that you think. When you ask for help he won't just tell you the answer. He makes you work for it. "Nothing In Life Is Free," he says. Brat.

So it's not my fault, Amber. I'm not cereb... whatever. It's just the stupid Human un-Assistant. He used to do it to his kids, too.


I heard about a game that I thought was for dogs. I thought it was called "You Eat Cat Poop," but I guess I got that wrong. It's a party game for humans.

One person writes a sentence. The next person draws a picture of that and hides the sentence. The third person writes a new sentence and hides the picture. The next person draws a new picture and hides the sentence they drew it from. The next person writes a new sentence and hides the picture they wrote it from.

Then when it gets to me or the puppy, we chew up the paper. That's how that game is played!


Holly said...

OMG!!! My human is a Beagle!!!

I think she was drinking too much wine when she took this test, so I wouldn't take the results too seriously.

How cool your dad is a Malamute!!!!!

We ARE the coolest. Well, us and the Siberians, that is.


Holly said...

Ok, I made her take it again, and actually be honest. Now she is an Eskimo dog. At least that's better than a Beagle!!!!


Minky said...

Mom took the test. She didn't do anything that would lead to an ill eagle this time. She said she is a lowchen.

I'm surprised she's not a Pomeranian, like me. Dad says we're both divas.