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Monday, September 24, 2007

Very silly games

Tucker:  Human Assistant decided to do grooming on Sunday. That's okay. He can groom himself all he wants. But why bother the dogs?

This was my first summer here. I didn't blow my coat, and H.A. is kinda lazy. So now I need lots of raking. Probably not 10 hours of it, like he threatened. I gave in and turned on my side. He said I was almost as good about it as the Poodles in Laura Berenson's mysteries.

I don't want to be like a Poodle! People say they're really smart. That means they really obey people. Siberian Huskies are smart! So smart that we hide it from people.

But H.A. was extra happy with my quiet lying there. He said I must have inspired Gremlin to be good too. Usually she tries to wander off while he's raking her. She's no Poodle!

At least H.A. didn't paint our toenails. I thought he might try it when he saw this very silly game at blogthings. I had him change "guy" to "date" in the answer.

Your toe(nail)s should be BLUE
You're a little out there, but that means you take dates to a place that's out of this world!

Your ideal date:  Zany, hilarious, and totally unpredictable.

Stay away from:  Anyone who has to get up for work in the morning

Tucker:  H.A. says he is supposed to paint his nails white. Which is okay because he wears boots most of the time for ankle support. Gremlin's are supposed to be dark red. Here's another:

You Are Rowlf the Dog
Mellow and serious, you enjoy time alone cultivating your talents.

You're a cool dog, and you always present a relaxed vibe.

A talented pianist, you can play almost anything - especially songs by Beethoven.

"My bark is worse than my bite, and my piano playing beats 'em both."

Tucker:  H.A. was also Rowlf. Gremlin was Kermit. Well, maybe.

You Are Navy Blue
You're a true adventurer. You constantly find yourself drawn to new experiences, people, and places.

Sometimes you feel quite scattered and bored. If something exciting isn't going on, you feel a bit lost.

Tucker:  The guy is indigo, Gremlin is royal blue.

What strange silliness! It's much more fun to dig in the yard. Or chase squirrels. Ride in the car. Stuff like that.

I don't even want to talk about the quiz, What kind of pet would you be?  I changed my answers five times and always got, "You Would Be a Pet Cat."  At least with What's your ideal pet? I got, "Your Ideal Pet is a Big Dog."  Darned tootin'!  Whose isn't?


Maddox said...

Tucker, is it true? Did Jaeger and Mystique finally find homes? Woo hoo!!!

Holly said...

Those games are fun!

My toe nails would be dark red, I'm Animal, my color of blue is Indigo. I'm a freakin' CAT!!! That is just soooo wrong! Maybe the cats have this rigged?

My ideal pet is at least a big dog, thank goodness!!


The Army of Four said...

We let Mom take the Muppet test. She came out as Fozzie Bear. ?!?!!

Now we know where Ammy gets it.

Tail wags,