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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Vehicle tag

Tucker:  Human Assistant says vehicle tag is not the same as bumper cars at the amusement park. (I don't know what he's talking about.)

There is a game going around in dog circles  [as opposed to just dogs going around in circles  -- Human Assistant]  asking what vehicle are you?

The Human Assistant likes Zim's Jeep. He says he had a 1952 CJ-3A that he liked very much. I didn't get to ride in it because he sold it when he couldn't work clutch pedals anymore. Which was before I got here. But he says on the outside it looked very much like this Jeep on the left.
This one in the picture is from World War II. And was made by Ford, not by Willy (whoever that was). The first civilian Jeeps after the war looked almost exactly like this. They were model CJ-2A. The CJ-3A's biggest difference on the outside was a one-piece windshield. And a little vent underneath it.

He says the picture on the right is exactly how the inside of his looked. Under the driver's seat you can see the 10-gallon gas tank. It was easy to take out when he had to patch a leak one time.

Anyway. Zim suggested that I be a Tucker Torpedo. A very cool car! Only made in 1948. But it had three eyes and I don't.

How about a Tucker Sno-Cat? The Human Assistant says it doesn't have anything to do with cats. It's a short word for caterpillar. Like that makes more sense. Wikipedia has pictures of lots of models. I like this 1949 Sno-Cat best.

It would be great to take this to the Iditarod race! Everydoggy could ride inside out of the nasty weather! And you can run on wheels when there isn't enough snow.

The Tucker car company isn't around anymore, but you can visit the Tucker Sno-Cat website.

Now the Human Assistant drives us around in a 1988 Jeep XJ. (Also called a Cherokee.) He says it's driven almost as far as 250 Iditarods. But he didn't drive it as fast as dogs go! That many Iditarods would take around 7 years. Less for the fastest teams. And this Cherokee is almost 20 years old.

So anyway, I will be a Tucker Sno-Cat riding around in a Jeep.

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