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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Pushing the pup

Tucker:  Why is puppy still here?
mr_ed:  Because she's not listed on the MaxFund website yet, so nobody knows she's available.
Tucker:  When will she get listed?
mr_ed:  For one thing, Nikki the volunteer photographer had to get some pictures of her and get them to Amy so she could pick one.
MaxFund photo of Mystique Tucker:  Amy picked this picture?
mr_ed:  It must not have looked this dark to her. I'll have to let her know.
Tucker:  Okay, that's for one thing. What's another?
mr_ed:  I have to write up some information about her.
Tucker:  About Amy or about Nikki?
mr_ed:  About Mystique. In fact, I did write it out before supper, and now I can't find it. It's a good thing I have dogs I can blame for paper disappearing.
Tucker:  ::snort::  I didn't even see it. I think you lost it.
mr_ed:  And I wanted to round up a bunch more pictures of Mystique so people could see what a lively little squirt she is.
Tucker:  You've been at the computer a long time. Did you finish that?
mr_ed:  Yup, Mystique has a dogster page now with 16 photos on it.
Tucker:  Okay. So are you going to write the info tonight?
mr_ed:  How's this?
Hi! I'm a cute, happy, healthy, cute, lively, loving, cute little girl who needs a new home because my person couldn't keep me. I'm full-grown in size but still a puppy, and puppy kindergarten would be great to improve my confidence, manners and obedience!

I will run in the yard and warn you about visitors during the day and snuggle with you at night! I'm crate-trained too! I love to play with other dogs, even big ones! And I should be fine with older kids, but I've never met any cats.

There are lots more pictures of cute little me and my doggie buddies on my dogster page. If you'd like to meet me, email my foster dad at ed*maxfundvolunteers.org.

Tucker:  Put in that she drives me crazy.
mr_ed:  Negative stuff in her description will make it harder to find her a new home.
Tucker:  Oh. I guess that looks okay.
mr_ed:  Seems like I'm forgetting something in that description. I guess I won't send it to Amy until I sleep on it.
Tucker:  The computer won't fit under your pillow.
mr_ed:  I'll just remember what I wrote in the back part of my brain.
Tucker:  Is there room?
mr_ed:  If it gets lost in there, I'll just write a new one.
Tucker:  Well, okay. Night night. Sleep tight. Don't let the amnesia bugs bite.
mr_ed:  G'night bunky.


Benny, Moey, and Minky said...

We think the first pic of that cutie Mystique on her Dogster page is the one that Maxfund should use -- she is irrezista--iressisti--SUPER adorable!!

Holly said...

I sure hope she finds a home soon!