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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ummm - excuse me?

It's bad enough that the Human Assistant hasn't posted anything for me for a long time. (Oh, he started about three different ones but didn't finish them.)

But last night he went to bed and forgot me!  As in, shut the door and left me outside! Abandoned me! And it was 16° F last night!  And even colder in centigrade!  -9° C !!!

[mr_ed:  Yeah, but it was 264 K.]

And it was snowing!  Did I mention it was snowing ‽‽‽

[mr_ed:  Not inside the garage, it wasn't.]

H.A. took some pictures today. He said this is probably what I looked like last night. Except it was dark, so he didn't see me to tell me to come in.

Tucker lying in the snow
My eyelids are getting heavy.
Tucker lying in the snow
I am getting sleepy....
Tucker lying in the snow

I don't care. That's gotta be abuse or something. I didn't have a nice carpet, kitchen floor, or doggy bed to sleep on. (I need all three during the course of a night.)

Anyway. It was only about five hours. And I found a frozen poop that I brought in the garage and chewed on. So it wasn't real boring.

Here are some pictures from last Friday night. That was our second snow of the season. So this post actually started out being called Second snow. Which was because there was another post before called First snow. Which, believe it or else, was after our first snow of the season.

Alizé standing in snow near camera
Not too much red in this photo.
Alizé walking in snow distant from camera
LOTS of red in this photo!
Tucker walking in the snow
It was a dark and stormy night ...
Tucker lying in the snow
with ghosts!
Sinjin walking in snow and looking
Alizé  Where are you
Alizé walking in the snow
Sinjin standing outside as snow falls
Outside - no snow on Sinjin.
Sinjin standing inside
Inside - snow on Sinjin!

H.A. tried using a "night" setting on his dopey little camera. Most of the pictures turned red. Also, the flash would go off three times. So some of the pictures have ghosts!

I thought they were too dopey to show. But I will anyway. It's what we have. I gotta use what we got if H.A. is only going to help me write a post once every ninety-eleven days.

I made the H.A. take most of the red out of most of the photos. But not that second one. So you could see how dopey the camera made the pictures.

Anyway. That's all for now.


Oh!  Happy birthday to Burger King!


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

It is no wonder woo three torment your H.A. as woo do!

I think woo should khontakht Siberian Child Services and lodge a khomplaint!


The Thundering Herd said...

Tucker - Left outside in the snow all night? What does he think you are? A nordic breed or something? Total abuse!

Minky said...

Brrrr! I'm glad you're none the worse for the experience, other than maybe being a little bit crankier than usual! If I were left outside, I'd turn into a little furry popsicle!!

Kapp pack said...

I say the HA needs to get the claw!

Kisses, Sky boy