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Friday, July 4, 2008

Making solar energy go farther

Was last night the coldest night of the year?

I ask not because it felt like last night was the coldest night of the year. But because otherwise the Human Assistant was gonna name this post The Three Stooges on parade.

But last night was when the earth was farthest away from the sun. It's called appeal eon for some stupid reason. It happens every year. But I guess not always on quite the same day. You can get a calendar to remind of you these "important" events of the human world.

(Shouldn't being farther away from the sun make it colder?  Hmmm.)

Another "important" human event was celebrated today. With fireworks, beer, barbecue. All that stuff. It's the anniversary of the day that a British officer named George Washington surrendered Fort Necessity to the French. It's celebrated because it was the only time Washington surrendered.

That humans remember, anyway. Sibes know how that works! Do something good later, and they forget about the earlier stuff!

Washington also started the French and Indian War. It lasted 9 years. So they called it the Seven Years War.

This made France give Louisiana to Mexico. Which gave it back to France. Which sold it to the United States. Which turned it into Arizona, New Mexico, and two-thirds of Texas and Colorado.

Here's an idea in case you ever decide to figure out humans. Take a nap instead!

A couple of days ago the H.A. tried to walk all three of us together. Two big Sibe dudes and little blind Alizé. And his walking stick and camera. This may have been more than he was capable of.

accidental snapshot of street and ... walking stick?
Tucker heads to the left, Alizé heads to the right
Alizé!  This way!
Alizé bumps into Tucker
Sinjin won't group with the others
Not. With. The. Program.
Sinjin and Tucker but not Alizé
Am too!
Alizé heads left into Sinjin while Tucker turns right

ABM.  Always Blame Management.



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Khome on Fellas!

Don't be so hard on the sweetie -

After all, woo all look khwite dashing to her!

She makes my mom miss her Taltia -

Hope your 4th was full of SlimJims and Khranky #1 Dogs!

PeeEssWoo: I think there are LOTS of Sibes in KholWOOrado fur YOUR pakhk!

Minky said...

That looks like a pretty good 3-dog walk! No one around here dares to walk 3 dogs at once - it never seems to go well.

I hope you got some of that burnt meat that humans like to eat this time of year!

The Army of Four said...

I agreed with Khyra = please be NICE to her! Please!?!?

Holly said...

Always interesting isn't it, when you try to walk multiples? Looks like you had fun though!!

Having the earth furtherst away from the sun, during the summer sure doesn't make sense, since it's always so darn hot here!!


Minky said...

Hey, Mr. Tucker! I hope you and your compadres are staying cool!