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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Alizé does new stuff

Last Friday I said nothing much was going on. But it got more interesting. The Human Assistant decided to take some laundry downstairs to the washing machine. He sorta forgot about a blind dog that lives with us for now.

He got down a few steps and then heard a dog come down two steps and stop. Ruh-roh!

Decision time. Push Alizé back up the steps? Or see what she can do? At the risk of bumpety-​whumpety down the rest of the 13 steps? And then BONK on the concrete floor at the bottom?

She had mastered the three steps down from the kitchen to the garage in a day or two. But then she'd forget about the 1½ inches down from the garage to the back-yard sidewalk.

H.A. decided to go down the basement stairs a couple of steps ahead of Alizé. She went down two steps at a time. She made it fine. And back up again fine. Of course. So hooray for the blind dog.

Tink stares at Alizé
-- Don't yawn!    -- Don't stare!
Alizé watches Henri rear up
I wanna go meet a doggy!

Saturday H.A. took Alizé to a MaxFund adoption event. H.A. thinks that that's Tink in the first photo. The little squirt is Henri.

Alizé got attention. Of course. It's that Snow Dogs thing. I'd thank Disney for advertising our handsomeness. But it makes people want Sibes who don't have clue ➀ about us.

Henri jumps on his bandana
Henri whips his bandana around

Henri put both his front paws on top of one of the other dogs. Not Alizé. He couldn't have reached her. But on Dusty or Tink.

Then when she wanted to put her paws on him...! Oh, no no no no no! He scooted away. No fair when somedoggy three times your size wants to annoy you back!

So then Henri picked on his bandana. Did he ever whip that thing back and forth!  Get it, killer!

Anyway. That's what Alizé did for excitement last weekend.



Holly said...

What a cutie!!

At least Alize' is still with you. I think she should be a foster failure!!


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Be nice to the lovely older lady -

One day WOO need some young punk to help WOO 'round too!